Residential HVAC has to be the correct size


It’s been a real learning experience with all these renovations. There are just a seemingly endless amount of details that have to be dealt with when it comes to making this house our home. Everyone wants to have a home with great amenities and great quality heating and air. That’s definitely what we wanted as well. But the house we purchased needed a lot more than just a few upgrades. The HVAC equipment was shot, the kitchen needed a complete redo and the place had wall to wall orange carpet. So there was a lot to do and not a ton of money to do it with. When it came to the HVAC equipment I tried to get a little bit too clever to save money. As soon as we purchased the house, I started the process with the HVAC company when it came to the heating and cooling equipment. The idea was to get as much information from the HVAC contractor as I could. My plan was to then find the actual HVAC equipment online at a deeply discounted price. Then I’d have that equipment shipped to my home and have the local HVAC company install it. It seemed like a good plan in theory but turned out to be a complete fiasco in reality. I did indeed get the different options for residential HVAC models from our HVAC professional. What I didn’t factor in was that HVAC equipment has to be sized precisely to the air volume of the space that it’s heating and cooling. In my effort to save money, I ended up purchasing HVAC equipment that was undersized for the air volume of our house.
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