Selling custom furniture at a yard sale


Custom furniture can be very expensive if you are building it for the entire house.

Some people are able to use reclaimed wood for custom furniture, while others use only the finest wood they can find.

One of my favorite pieces of custom furniture that I have ever owned came from a yard sale in my neighborhood. I was driving around one saturday morning when I stumbled upon this yard sale. Not only were they selling clothes and kitchen supplies, but this yard sale was also selling custom furniture. I came across a coffee tale that was made out of an old wooden pallet. I had seen custom furniture be made from pallets in the past, but this was a well thought out and articulated coffee table. I asked the owner how much he would like to sell the custom made coffee table for, and he said he would take $20 for it. For such a nice piece of custom furniture, there had to be a catch. I asked him if it had termites or anything and his response was no, that he had simply outgrown the custom made coffee table and wanted to redecorate his condo with something more modern. The custom coffee table was perfect for my house, and I knew my husband would love the rustic look of it. I loaded the custom coffee table into my car and brought it home. The custom coffee table was the perfect centerpiece for my living room. My husband liked that there is storage on the side of the custom coffee table.


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