Sitting by a Radiant Heating Device and Then I go For a Run


My niece and nephew just got back home and are already starting with the questions.

  • I’m just ignoring them because it is like a feeding frenzy with them and I don’t want to give them any ammunition.

When it is just one kid it is much more peaceful, but when they get together they feed off of each other and turn into a tornado of chaos and sound. I have my earbuds in now and am jamming out to Van Halen so I don’t have to hear them chirping. I should be done with these heating and cooling system articles in a few minutes and then I am going to escape this zoo for a while with a long walk in the park. It is cold out so I can’t stay out very long, but anything is better than hearing the kids screaming for hours on end. I think that the HVAC company down the road is open today and my local contractor friend is working there, so I think I will pay her a visit and escape the jungle here for a while. I don’t know how people can handle three or four kids at a time in one house, I really have no idea how it is possible without losing your mind. The space heater in the office here is keeping me warm as there is no zoned heating and cooling in this house to keep each room at a different temperature. The rest of the house is too cool for me and my fingers don’t work well in it.

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