Smart thermostat vs. Heated Floors


My husband and I are currently going through the process of updating our heating and cooling systems.

We purchased a home two years ago and finally found time to complete this major renovation.

We have been going through this for months and can’t agree on anything. We narrowed our choices down to two options: a smart thermostat or heated floors. I want a smart thermostat, but my husband wants heated floors. We really need someone’s help in making this decision. We love both of these options for different reasons. A smart thermostat allows us convenience. It would connect to our phones through Wi-Fi and allow us to adjust the temperature of our home from the touch of a button. It would also allow complete control. Many people have also told us that it saved them money on their utility bills because they could turn things off from their phones if they forgot to on their way out the door in the mornings. On the other hand, heated floors have many benefits too. This option is very efficient because it slowly sends heated water through pipes underneath the floorboards. It would also prevent cold feet during the wintertime, while giving us the beauty of a hardwood floor. I worry that this would require a bigger renovation than a smart thermostat. We are struggling to make this decision. Wish us luck! I would love to find an option that combines them both. Maybe it’s possible; I’ll have to ask my HVAC consultant! I imagine it would be a possibility, but it would probably be a major investment!

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