Taking good care of tank-style water heater


There was a time when replacing a hot water tank wasn’t overly expensive. When the old tank corroded and wore out, I’d simply head to the local big box store, buy a new one and install it. A new tank-style water heater was approximately $100. The price has risen considerably in recent years. Now, a lower end model runs around $500. Taking good care of the water heater and extending its service life has become far more important. When my last water heater ruptured and flooded the basement, I decided not to handle the replacement project myself. I hired a licensed plumber to complete the job. While the initial investment was considerably higher, my hope was to increase the reliability and longevity of the water heater. The plumber properly sized the unit to the demands of the household. He recommended a better quality brand with a proven track record and an impressive warranty. Plus, the installation included a discount on yearly maintenance. The plumber comes by every spring and performs a thorough service on the tank. He checks the heating element, drains the tank and troubleshoots for mineral buildup, rust and corrosion. I have had no issues with the water heater. I believe the hot water flowing from the fixtures is cleaner. Along with maintaining the hot water heater, the plumber also checks over all aspects of the plumbing system. He cleans the drains and aerators, tests water pressure and services all of the fixtures. This proactive inspection has detected small leaks that otherwise would have caused structural damage and cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs.
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