Tree branch came down directly on AC


Sporadically I feel like I am cursed with disappointing luck.

I am just one of those people who meets a lot of resistance around every turn.

I know that some people think you create your own luck.., however but I have to vehemently hope that this is not the case. If I am responsible for all of the bullshit that I go through, I must be in a real karmic bind. Recently, this was demonstrated to me once again after my pal and I had a sizable storm blow through our area. Apparently, if it gets tepid as well as humid enough outside my pal and I can experience these small as well as powerful thunderstorms that are called microbursts. I have never seen one of these powerful storms before the other day. The thunderstorm was just strong enough to blow down many branches in the yard while my pal and I cowered in the air conditioning inside. I was entirely cheerful to have high quality indoor air on our side because it was already harshly uncomfortable in that summer time climate. We had been dealing with ridiculous heat as well as humidity for months already at that point. I was harshly gleeful for the air temperature to drop after this summer time storm blew through. Unluckyly, I shouldn’t have been so stoked about the abrupt air temperature change. Not only did the storm blow down many power lines in our area, but it also blew down a sizable branch that landed directly on my air conditioning unit. After the Storm passed as well as power was restored in our area, my pal and I still did not have any air conditioning. The worst part of all I was realizing that the thunderstorm honestly created more heat as well as humidity. I laid awake covered in sweat all night as well as thought about my awful advantage as I figured out how to fund the air-conditioning upgradement.


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