Trying to entertain and air conditioning failed


Occasionally it feels like I shouldn’t try to go outside my realm of comfort, because I’m punished when I do.

For instance, when I go out on a limb to try to help an associate, only for the person to screw me over in the process.

It feels like the world is against me when I try something modern and fail, but maybe I’m just too sensitive. That’s how I ended up throwing a big get together and instantly regretting it when my HVAC system decided to throw me under the bus. I don’t normally cherish get together planning because of the pressure to please most people at once, however I decided my friend and I should have an end of Summer bash before it was too late. It was a super hot afternoon, and I had the air conditioning cranked up to level 11 while I was cleaning the household in preparation for our guests. It seemed like I couldn’t get the household cold enough, simply because the heat outside was so overbearing. Everyone started to arrive and my friend and I were having a nice time, party in the coldest areas of the household and enjoying the A/C that flowed in. Suddenly, the temperature started to climb, and it seemed to be unrelated to the addition of modern guests. The control component was reflecting hotter and hotter ambient air temperatures, and the A/C wasn’t kicking in anymore. My household was soon well over 90 degrees inside and the guests were miserable. My get together ended early, with all our hot friends fleeing to the safety of their own house air conditioning.
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