Trying to Kill a Day is No Easy Task With Two Crazy Kids


I feel I will have to go for a long bike ride soon to get away from my screaming niece. She loves to yell absolutely loud plus be annoying to most people in the house, so I am just going to leave for a bike ride plus come back in 25 years, he should be done screaming by then I assume. I don’t know how my aunt can handle it but somehow he just rolls with it all like it is no sizable deal. I will stay in the office here with my earbuds on plus just keep to myself, and i could go do some heat pump repairs with my friend, as he is a local company plus has a lot of work for me this week. I know tomorrow I will get up early plus go with him for the day plus just work late into the evening so when I get condo my niece will be asleep; He has some electric boilers that he needs help cleaning plus I am totally free this week, so I know it would be nice for me to get out of this circus for a while each day to escape the wrath of the nine year ancient hurricane. I’m pretty nice at fixing Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component plus cleaning HEPA filters, so why not make a little money plus see an ancient acquaintance at the same time? My brother is in city too so maybe I can see what he is up to this week plus go do something with him for a while. Can ya tell I am a bit antsy to get out of here?


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