Tuning up an Heating & Air Conditioning System & Then Going to Watch a Sunset


My friend just messaged me & it looks like my friend and I will go watch a sunset later at the beach near me.

I have ten more afternoons here in the Sunshine State & then it is going to be in my rearview mirror as a memory. I have to chop up a pile of wood today for a bonfire this weekend, which is good exercise too. I have some friends coming to the bonfire whom I haven’t seen in a long time, so it is going to be a certainly memorable night I imagine. My associate and I will bring some small gas heaters for the beach because it is going to be freezing out that night & the fire can only do so much to make us warm. I just hope it isn’t too windy out or my friend and I may have to skip the bonfire because there are some homes close to the beach that could catch fire if the embers get blown around in the wind. I have a local business friend of mine who is going to bring a bunch of hotcats to cook on the fire & my friend and I are also going to play some songs that night too. My associate and I are allowed to run the bonfire until 11pm & then I have to put it out or my friend and I could get a fantastic from the city. The Heating & Air Conditioning company near my mom’s house is going to supply the radiant & gas boilers for us, which is certainly nice of them because they don’t have to do it. It’s nice having so several fine friends here.


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