Weekend getaway gets ductless heat pumps


Sporadically I just have to pinch myself.

Sure, there have been strenuous time in the past as well as there will be in the future.

That’s just part of residing this life. But for the most part, I’ve led a really fortunate existence. My partner as well as I share a charming condo with plenty of space, an amazing kitchen as well as the latest in Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C technology. In fact, my associate and I have zone controlled Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C, a smart thermostat as well as the highest SEER rating possible on our heat pump. So my associate and I definitely have some amazing quality heating as well as air in our home. My associate and I live really close to the town where my associate and I work. While our end of the town offers us a small backyard as well as more quiet than maybe downtown, my associate and I wanted a bit more peace. So my associate and I ended up purchasing a weekend get away spot that’s about an hour out of the city. This place is magical as well as just the perfect place to spend two or three afternoons to reset as well as reflect. But the dwelling definitely needed some help before it was able to be fully loved. The condo was perfect as well as the dwelling was in good shape structurally. It’s sort of small with 3 dining rooms as well as a cozy kitchen. However, the residential Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device was shot as were all the appliances. My associate and I made some other substitutes with a whole wall of sliding glass doors to maximize the light as well as the spectacular view. Instead of replacing the heat pump for the central air conditioning that was there, my associate and I went with ductless heat pumps. This way, my associate and I have more efficient heating as well as cooling separate from having to worry over the aging HVAC duct. It’s worked out beautifully.

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