Working for the inauguration and being a contract worker for HVAC


A lot of people don’t realize what my job entails.

And sometimes I don’t think my family takes my profession seriously either, only until this past week.

This past week the HVAC company that I work for was hired by the 2017 presidential inauguration to come and inspect the heating and cooling units to ensure everything would be working properly for the president and his supporters. To work at the capitol, I had to go through a background check and big security clearance to be working in a highly guarded area. Our job was to make sure that all of the thermostats had full batteries and were working properly. We had to test out both systems, heating and cooling to ensure that the furnace or air conditioning would kick on as well. The administration did not want the President, Vice President, their administration and press feeling uncomfortable due to it being too hot or too cold in the building. Because there was so many rooms and square footage, one thermostat would not suffice comfortable temperatures. There was at least over sixty different thermostats. Most of these thermostats controlled a certain area of the capitol building through zone control heating and cooling. When I got there to do the work I was a little nervous because I thought that their HVAC systems and equipment was going to be high-tech and out of my knowledge range. I predicted wrong and have dealt with much newer HVAC systems before. It was a great experience and hopefully we will be able to be the HVAC contractor who does the work again in the future.


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